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Originally from California, Mariah Tuttle earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Design, Jewellery + Metalsmithing from San Diego State University and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design receiving the Jewellery + Metalsmithing departmental recognition award upon graduation.


Her early metalsmithing and enamelling work has been featured in American Craft Magazine as well as several Lark 500 books and the more recent jewellery and textile explorations have been exhibited in various locations nationally and internationally. 


Although she considers herself 'first and foremost a jeweller', she has spent the last few years focusing on writing and curatorial endeavours.


Upon graduation, she established {x} collaborations to be the umbrella for a variety of jewellery promoting activities she organized with several of her peers. Via this partnership, she co-founded, a web-based platform designed to connect and promote students and recent alumni from the Rhode Island School of Design Jewellery and Metalsmithing Department (which was active from 2011 – 2016), co-curated her first exhibition earcandy at Alloy Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island, and began writing for Current Obsession. During this time, Tuttle was also a Visiting Artist, educator and guest critic for Jewellery programs around New England including the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and both Rhode Island School of Design as well as its Continuing Education Department. 


Subsequently, Mariah Tuttle is now an Editor-at-Large and actively involved with the growth and goals of Current Obsessionincluding the dialogue promoting Current Obsession Social Club.


She has also transitioned {x} collaborations into punchbowl projects: a Honolulu-based platform to promote fresh avenues of exhibition opportunities for emerging artists and to connect jewellery with various forms of art, craft, and design. The on the horizon exhibition and catalogue with Brooklyn Metal Works was the last {x} collaborations event (with an AJF interview about it here) – and the traveling pop-up Gateway Drugs is the first, official punchbowl projects adventure.


Mariah currently lives and works in Honolulu, Hawaii and is 'always interested in scheming up new projects, conversations, and possibilities to connect with and promote my peers'.




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